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From the Airport

Two companies serving between the airport and the main points in the city center are called ‘HAVAŞ’ (a private bus company) and ‘BELKO AIR’ (a public bus transportation). Both buses stop at multiple locations including Ulus, Kızılay and AŞTİ (Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal). The bus trip from the airport to AŞTİ takes about 50 minutes. Please find the useful links below:

From ASTI (Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal)

The AŞTİ stop is very close to the conference venue. Taxis are available at the Main Bus Terminal to take you there. It does not take more than 15 minutes.

From Kızılay

You can easily go to the conference venue from Kızılay. It takes about 5 minutes by taxi. It is within a 15-minute walk distance from Güvenpark (an urban public park situated in a central position of Ankara)


In addition to the conference venue (Latanya Hotel Ankara), Holiday Inn Kavaklıdere located in a five-minute walking distance is recommended.