Piter Jelles

Piter Jelles is a comprehensive school containing nine schools in the province of Friesland. It offers secondary education to pupils of all levels of the Dutch education system. It is Piter Jelles’ mission to offer adequate and challenging education to all its pupils. Piter Jelles possesses the ambition to:
- Enable pupils to develop by addressing their abilities.
- Involve parents in the development of their child.
- Create and maintain an inspiring learning environment by being curious by nature.
- Collaborate and take advantage of each other’s experience.

Leeuwarder Lyceum

Leeuwarder Lyceum is part of the Piter Jelles organisation. The school houses around 1000 pupils and is located in the city of Leeuwarden. Leeuwarder Lyceum is a school which challenges pupils to make the most of themselves. The school has a few special features that make the school special. These are:
- The subject Research & Design: pupils work on large assignments in groups here.
- A large art studio in which pupils can develop creative skills.
- A large laboratory in which pupils work on scientific subjects.
- A language centre in which pupils are exposed to different languages and cultures.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences - InnovationLab

With approximately 23,000 students, NHL Stenden is a medium-sized University of Applied Sciences, offering higher professional education programs which prepare students for particular professions. NHL Stenden has 9 academies offering a wide range of study programs in a variety of fields. For exchange students there’s a great variety of courses to choose from. NHL Stenden University has vast expertise in the field of e-pedagogy and Design Thinking. Various research circles focus on the effects of Design Thinking on the learning process, especially in relation to the world of work and the proposed future careers of the students.

The InnovationLab is an independent unit within the Academy of Education. The InnovationLab consists of a physical technology lab where students and staff may work and experiment with all the latest technology, both hard- and software. Courses on blended and hybrid learning can be followed here, support with respect to e-pedagogy is provided to both staff and students and innovative projects are organized and monitored here. Besides, a number of online platforms have been developed to support online learning based on Design Thinking and Universal Design for Learning. Research into effects of innovative teaching is organized by the InnovationLab team.

The NHL InnovationLab team are the staff members that are involved in the project Flipped Impact : within the team there is experience in the field of EFL, Design Thinking, e-pedagogy, Blended Learning, Gamification, Coding & Programming, Social Sciences and multilingualism. Besides, the leading team members have been active partners in previous Erasmus projects.


The NHL Stenden University has participated in dozens of EU-projects.


The department  InnovationLab  was founded to implement e-pedagogy, global citizenship and Design Thinking in the curricula of all teacher training programmes at the NHL. Besides, the lab functions as as a community learning centre with a focus on e-pedagogy and technology. Thus it forms a bridge between the University and the network of schools in the region, both primary, secondary and vocational. Through the platform www.myschoolsnetwork.com the NHL organizes a wide variety of online events and activities for young learners, the vast majority of which are language- and Design Thinking oriented.