Submission Types

Presentation Types

Presenters are kindly requested to choose one of the presentation types listed below in order to share the results of their research studies and enhance shared learning opportunities as well.

Oral Presentation (30 minutes)

Presenters are expected to share their papers in sessions that are organized thematically. Time limit for oral presentation is 30 minutes including the 10 minute discussion part at the end as well. Each session will be moderated by a chair. Technical support will be available in all rooms.

Workshop (45 minutes)

Presenters are expected to design interactive sessions through which attendees can gain competence in a specific topic with respect to conference themes. Presenters may also intend to provide technical and/or skill-based training in which opportunities for practice are available.

Poster Presentation (30 minutes)

 Presenters may prefer to present their research in a poster format for the ease of one to one communication of research ideas, processes and results. Poster sessions are going to be scheduled concurrently with other presentations at the conference. Presenters are expected to be present during the display to answer questions.