Raymond in het Veld

Raymond in het Veld worked for 15 years as a teacher of special educational needs as a teacher after graduation. During this period, he also studied Dutch at the University of Amsterdam and Pedagogics at the University of Utrecht. In the nineties, he worked at the Psychological Pedagogical Institute in Amsterdam working on all kind of projects involving children and students that dropped out of school. After this period, he worked on different locations as a chairman of the board of several foundations for public primary schools. In 2008 he started working for a consultancy that worked in the non-profit area, especially in the fields of education and youth welfare. Since 2017 Raymond works as a headmaster (rector) at the Leeuwarder Lyceum part of the Piter Jelles community.

E-mail: ron.barendsen@nhlstenden.com

Fokke Tros

My name is Fokke Tros. I have been a teacher of English for 26 years now. The students I teach are between the age of 12-16. The name of the school I teach at is Piter Jelles Leeuwarder Lyceum and is located in Leeuwarden, a city in the North of The Netherlands. Besides being a teacher I am a mentor of a group of 27 students as well. I have always been interested in sports so I have recently become a personal trainer. My aim is to combine the skills I have acquired as a teacher and those I have acquired as a personal trainer in order to help school dropouts become interested in school once again. Over the years I have noticed a decline in motivation of more and more youngsters for school. I am of the conviction that this can be greatly attributed to the fact that the world has moved on but our school system hasn’t. For some time now, my colleagues of the English department and I have been looking for ways to change the way we teach so to have our students take part in our classes more actively. This is mainly the reason I have become interested in our Flipping the Classroom project.

Frank Oosterhaven

After his graduation in 2014, Frank Oosterhaven has been teaching English Language and Literature as a school subject at several locations of OSG Piter Jelles. He currently teaches pupils aged 12-18 at Leeuwarder Lyceum. Besides teaching, he is also tutor of a group of 21 pupils at his school. In the past Frank has taught remedial classes for students at NHL/Stenden University in Leeuwarden. Frank has started a career as a football coach on the side since 2019. In that regard he is attending the UEFA C Youth course, organised by KNVB. Frank is interested in educational management, ICT, ELT methodology and learning as a whole.

Christine Roerdink

My name is Christine Roerdink. I graduated at NHL in Leeuwarden in 2011 and since then I have been teaching German Language & Literature at a secondary school. I work at Leeuwarder Lyceum, a location of OSG Piter Jelles, where I teach pupils aged 12-18. Besides teaching, I am also a tutor of a group of 20 pupils at my school. In school I am involved in several projects such as the development of a different kind of approach to parent-tutor-pupil conversations, in which the pupils will take more ownership of their learning process. Next year I am planning to start a course to acquire my Master’s Degree in Education.