Amador Ordóñez.

Amador Ordóñez. Teacher in International Business with an economics background. With a large experience in coordinating European projects from 1996.He was coordinating ARBAX project, related to prevention of bullying ( He has been coordinator in different projects where was developed language courses, please, checking (Multimedia Chinese course) and (4 initial level language courses, English, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese for immigrants). He has also coordinated two different projects related Roma people (gypsies), Travelcom where was developed a Commerce and Marketing course to improve the competencies of gypsies and travellers in order to improve access and permanence in labour market and in 2000 coordinated a Comenius 2 project titled “New tools for training travellers” where was developed a Mathematics and Language course for primary education. He has coordinated Romaninet project which has developed a multimedia language Romani course which has been approved under LLP-Transversal Programme – Multilateral – Key Activity 2.
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